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# This Is Your Last Chance To Make Voting Great Again

Tronald Pleads .. "Can't All We Just Get Along!"

Tronald.Drump is a business tycon who loves to experiment with hair styles when no one else is around. Some say he was one of the first to use style moose to hide his identity while trying to sneak into a university, undercover. It is reported he wanted to discover how they were actually run? Some folk believe he has been printing hundred dollar bills with his picture on it for years, done in preparation for when he becomes president. Unconfirmed reports have him regularly sneaking over the border to get his favorite meal which of course is Mexican Tacos! Please note that this cannot be confirmed unless you have friends in Russia. Tronald has stated if he some how wins he is willing to share as many artificial facts we are willing to believe to appease any pesky media questions alerting to the truth

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