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# This Is Your Last Chance To Make Voting Great Again

The Protest Vote Is Definitely Coming .. Sooner or Later

The Protest Vote is here to represent the minority who are most likely too stoned to make it to the polling booths. Or once they finally get there can’t decide on which is the lessor evil? The Protest Vote was born in the year of 1969 and went onto to be one of America’s most affluent generations (After all protesting is only done during the school years, right!) But don’t worry they’re back, sure they are all a little bit senile by now but it’s the thought that counts. However the burning question is can they still actually count? Besides their grand kids will do the right thing by the rest of the world … wont they? There will be no vote rigging with this bunch! That is unless you are offering a free coffee coupon which will require a smartphone app to be claimed while going "Hands Free" in the car

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