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# This Is Your Last Chance To Make Voting Great Again

Padimir Only Wants To Be Your Best Friend Ever!

Padimir.Vuton loves a bit of adventure and late at night can be quite often be seen jumping over the neighbors fence or more to the point breaking down the neighbors fence. When not invading, he loves to stay and home and try his luck at some computer hacking but sadly he always forgets his password which leaves him quite often despondently staring at a blank screen for hours until one of his “Sport’s Officials” comes over and “Fixes it” Some say he directs his men to secretly pour oil onto the roads of Moscow at night time so that all the episodes of Car Crash Tv are just that little bit funnier! Padimir is contemplating opening up a new fast food chain which will of course be called Mac Tronalds When you actually take the time to think about it all, seems like he really is a great guy!

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