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# This Is Your Last Chance To Make Voting Great Again

Cillary Is Fully Committed To Being Your Pen Pal

Cillary.Hinton is married to ex President Bill Hinton and represents the hopes of women all over the world (except the one’s who have had a fling with Bill) She plays to win but sometimes forgets who is her opponent exactly is? After all you need to beat all the Democratic Men to gain the right to beat all the Republican Men don’t you? Some believe she is the missing member of Feelgood Mac, others believe she is the co-owner of “Pants Incorporated” Either way she is gonna put up one hell of a fight or end up in Obamacare trying! If somehow she manages to fail to win, a trip to Mars could be on the cards I got the funny feeling many people would be inclined to vote for The Mars Party! Perhaps their campaign slogan could read like this "There is no room for walls in space"

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